Sunday, November 6, 2011

5000 Extended Reach Forklift

Check out this nice extended reach forklift ready to work. Job Handler LR 523. 500 lb capacity with 23 ft reach. Weighs 12300 lbs for easy hauling.

Price      : USD 10,500
Mileage : 4300 Hours
Country : United States

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Komatpillar's Heavy Equipment - Advertise Online

We have known that despite the economic crisis all over the world, people in the construction industry continue to go on selling and buying heavy equipment that can help their companies get productive. Their are also several people who find it hard to find some of the equipment they need, specially if it's of an old design. Examples are the P & H 955 or 1055 cranes. And also the MITSUI-EIMCO DUMP TRUCKS models such as T20 or T25. They spend a lot of valuable time finding these equipment from different suppliers all over the world through emails or by other means. is a website to help the construction industry particularly the suppliers and buyers of heavy equipment reach each other in a convenient way. We aim to help the suppliers by creating features that allow them to post their products online, with the description of the equipment, the photos, and their contact information. They can post as many ads as they want provided that the info is accurate and reliable. Having exposure through the internet is beneficial to companies because they are able to reach other people around the globe, especially if the website attracts a lot of traffic. For the buyers, posting their requirements or wanted-to-buy or rent equipment online would be helpful for them. The same with the sellers, they don't have to pay a lot for the little space in newspaper ads, or contact people to find or sell the equipment for them provided they give a percent of what they earn to those dealers. Posting your products online for free saves a lot of effort, time, and money. is a member-driven website that aims to give people around the construction business a peaceful, fair, and successful relationship among each other, connecting suppliers and buyers of heavy equipment that could be beneficial for all.

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